Business representation in USA

- We offer business representation to Czech and Slovak companies in the US.
- We will help you enter the US market and provide a local representation for your brand.
- We will help you find an appropriate local business partnership.
- We will distribute marketing materials and advertisements.
- We will provide a virtual office, help you set up a subsidiary and staffing.

For US companies wishing to do business in the Czech Republic we offer

- We offer a complete package of services in the Czech Republic marketplace and help you make necessary business connections.
- We guide you through your investment and financing options.

Management consultancy - increasing your ability to compete

- We will analyze your current business and financial health of your company.
- We will identify weaknesses and strengths in management and productivity.
- We will propose corrective actions and processes.
- We will help with the implementation.


- We provide brokerage for the largest private British factoring company.
- We relieve you form waiting for overdue invocies.
- We take care of collecting overdue invoices.
- We solve your lack of funds for financing your day-to-day business needs.
- We eliminate the risk of non-paying customers for you.
- We help secure funds for your production needs and growth of your company.

Company sales

- We offer consultancy when buying and selling businesses on the Czech and Sovak markets.
- We advise clients working on acquisitions and company mergers.
- We cooperate with a team of corporate financial and real state experts who are experienced and have a long track record of successful transactions.